Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hayworth Flooding

Our usual weekend routine consists of getting up early, getting coffee, and getting the dogs out of the house for some exercise. One of our doggy walking hot spots is Hayworth Park, a fairly large area with playgrounds, camping, and walking paths snugged right up to the Missouri River. When we visited the park last weekend, we were surprised to see the river had swollen up over the banks and drowned out the walking path in several areas. We visited again this weekend to check on the current conditions of the park and this is what we found:

This is actually outside of Hayworth park, right next to the ball fields.

And here is the current state of the park itself.

Hard to believe that just a few days earlier the dogs were watering trees on the far side of this photo. =)

The edge of the flooding. If you look closely you can see the top of a completely submerged picnic table.

We thought we'd leave off with a peek at our current home project. Now that Neva is 7 months old and starting to get into the swing of things, we're ready to get back to work. We have an unfinished nook in the basement that we have finally decided to turn into a play area. We just have a couple of shots for the BEFORE comparison.

AFTER shots soon to come....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Neva has arrived!!!

Ok, so it has been quite awhile since my last post. Six months to be exact and a lot has changed in those months. An awful lot. Let's start at the beginning and introduce you to the newest member of the Omaha Hahn clan:

Neva Rosetta Hahn
4 lbs 12 oz
18.5 in

The doctor knew she was going to be small, but she was hardly prepared for the preemie-size peanut who greeted us all on that chilly November morning. Despite her unusually small size (she consistently hovers just under the 2nd percentile for weight), she was perfectly healthy and needed no time in NICU. Yay!

Alright, now let's quickly flip through the last six months and see just how much has changed in the Hahn house.

Now for a quick look at some six month milestones and what Neva is up to lately. At her six month checkup, she weighed in at just under 12 1/2 pounds.

6 Month Development Milestones

  • Begins to speak single (hard) consonants, like "dada" (sorry mom!). Yep. She babbles away and says what sounds like "ha dad" over and over and over.
  • Rolls over both ways (front to back and back to front).Check.
  • The baby will begin to look for a toy dropped out of sight. I don't know that she really does this yet.
  • Has no head lag when pulled to a sitting position. Check.
  • Begins to "tripod" (sits with one hand on the ground for support) and soon will begin to sit without support.She doesn't really tripod anymore--she's gotten pretty good at sitting unsupported.
  • Continues to grasp and mouth objects, but now can transfer small objects from one hand to another.Check.
  • Six-month-old babies begin to rake at small objects but cannot pick them up yet because their finger coordination is not yet precise enough. Not sure on this one. We try to keep small object away from her b/c we know they will go straight in her mouth if she does pick them up.
  • Shows displeasure with loss of a toy. Double check. She is a freak about newspaper, so when you take it away from her, you better have a distraction ready to go.
  • Is able to recognize each parent and may even begin to show some stranger anxiety.Yep. At night she turns into a spaz if anyone but Mommy is holding her.
  • Makes attempts to feed himself or herself.Yeah, only she likes to grab the bowl of the spoon and ends up mashing all the food off of it before it makes it to her mouth. Also, she suckles the spoon and doesn't seem to realize you need to reload it.
  • Smiles, laughs, squeals and begins to imitate sounds.Check. We have an avid raspberry blower on our hands now. And when she isn't blowing raspberries she's screeching like a wild animal.
  • Can be content in a playpen for a while playing with one or two toys. Define a while...
  • Can bear weight on his or her legs when held in a standing position. She has bared weight on her legs practically since she was born and lately she has started pulling herself up on things. When I prop her up on a box we have in the living room, she pushes the box around and walks behind it. The crazy thing is she doesn't even crawl yet. She still rocks herself on all fours and army crawls and rolls and performs all sorts of floor gymnastics to get from here to there. I swear she is a freak of nature. =)
  • May develop one or more teeth by the 9-month checkup. She has had her bottom two since four months, but hasn't gotten any more since then...
Alright. This post has gotten pretty long and bed is calling my name. I'll try to post more often now that the family is getting into the swing of things. =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Nursery is Finished!

We are VeRy happy and relieved to say that we are finally finished with the nursery--minus a few finishing touches. It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it and we are so proud of the end result! Hopefully, Baby Hahn loves it as well! I wasn't sure what angles to take the pictures at to get the best pictures so I tried to do a quick panoramic from the doorway and then another from the middle of the room so brace yourself b/c it ends up being a lot of pictures and a whole lot of periwinkle and green...

I wanted to take a closer picture of the floating shelf that Brendt made to go over the changing table. I really wanted some lights that we could have on dim for some late night diaper changing.

Ryn and I made the curtains. They were so quick and easy and I just love the way they turned out. Also, you can barely see the ceiling fan at the top of the picture. We decided to go with a funky new fixture that wasn't too baby-ish so we wouldn't have to change it out in a few years. And it matches the crib and changing table so it looks really good in there now. =)

Brendt and his dad made this window seat. They had the idea to drywall the front of it to make it look like a built-in. When they were done with that, I painted it and sewed the pillows. It isn't quite finished because Ryn is making a cushion to cover the top that we will get after the baby arrives. We can't wait to see it with the cushion.

I had to spotlight this crazy pendulum clock that we bought off of We weren't really looking for a clock for the nursery, but when we saw it, we had to have it.

And Rufus was gracious enough to stand in place of Baby Hahn! Just two weeks left and we should have pictures of the real Baby Hahn to post here!!!